Hi, I am Torri

I have been photographing since 2005. I am a wife and a mom of three daughters (pray for me).Fun facts about me: I actually went to school for Zoology and have an AS degree. We have 7 critters, all of them in our house. As a child I would babysit to earn money and support my film habits, I went to school for photography at age 32, and have not looked back since! I am constantly changing my hair color. I have a few piercings, & numerous tattoos. My favorite word is the "F" word - its super versatile, however, I do my best to refrain from using it around clients! Skulls are my thing. I talk a lot when I am nervous - A LOT! I am addicted to coffee and a bit of a snob about it. - its always HOT coffee! I love a great IPA and a nice dry red wine. Our family is crazy, loud and super loving. We would rather be on our couch watching any of the following - Harry Potter, Underworld, Star Wars, Hobbit or LOTR than socialize at a party (that includes the kids ages 25, 22, & 18 - crazy I know!). I cry at Disney Movies and commercials - not so much in real life. My favorite Disney character since I was 3 has always been Maleficent. My favorite color has always been blue, and as a kid people thought I was a boy because I only had boy clothes and toys. I am not a fan of the color pink, however as I near the age of 50 it's growing on me, and I love anything glittery.

The Process







Whew, that was amazing! And you did it! You should be incredibly proud of yourself.  Now the fun really begins for me.  I will begin the photo editing process. You will be leaving me for an hour, to go to the nearest Starbucks to grab a coffee while I do a quick edit of your images so we can do that in person reveal. This is the time you will choose your images, and decide on what collection and products you would like.

The session will last one to 3 hours. It will be done in my home studio in Newton, NJ. This may include doing images outside on our VERY private 15 acres. Once you arrive, we will go over the schedule for the session, talk about your wardrobe and accessory options, then any last minute questions or concerns you may have. At that point if you have decided to have hair and makeup done by my professional artist, you are hers for the next hour.  When that is done its time put on some music and to show you how gorgeous you are in front of my camera!

When you decide to book a session, contact me.  We will discuss what it is you are looking for with your session. Why you are doing the session, and what you want from the session.  We will talk about the cost and different options and collections you can choose from. This will give us ample time to prepare for your one of a kind empowering goddess session. Even though the process  is simple, there is a lot that will go into it and things to consider for it.

Photo of woman in forest in lingerie

IT's about what makes you,


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